Enhancing Te Puna Station’s Landscape

It is with great pleasure that we tell you we have started landscaping the rear portion of our Te Puna Station road block. This work will involve clearing weeds, constructing a bund, and planting.

In more detailed. This work will involve building a bund of dense material (mostly clay, which will control noise) and the planting of five layers of beautiful trees and shrubs in deep tree pits. 

We are doing landscaping because, regardless of  how long it takes for us achieve our consents, the district plan/structure plan require landscaping. Getting the plants in the ground and growing gives them the best chance to be strong when the next stages start. And our neighbours should appreciate the beautiful trees! The council is across our activity and has approved the planting list.

With regards to the plants. We have told our landscaper that we have a preference for native shrubs, which should help local skinks and insects, and have gone for biodegradable coconut weed matting along with extensive mulching rather than plastic. 

The trees are a mix of natives and exotics, and will also be fairly tall at time of planting. The natives are longer-living than the exotics by design, and taller; the exotics grow more quickly. By the time they reach maturity, the exotics can come down and leave the natives with the space. However mixing it up to start should mean it is beautiful immediately. 

This is a fantastic project, and we are excited to show the community how professional and premium the development will be.

Next on our list will be the front portion alongside the road, however there are extensive setbacks and swales to create with this. We are also suggesting we put in a cycleway down the front of the bund, which council is considering. Watch this space.